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when additional meds are not an option.

By Lynda Marie of Palm Springs, as seen on Dr. Phil in 2003.

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Ode to Cleavage Coolers®

You're heating up, you feel it start,
Like pumping hot oil through your heart,
You just know you're turning red,
It fills you with feelings of dread,
But now the Cleavage Cooler is here,
Kept in the freezer - Never fear!
Grab it quick and wedge it down,
into your cleavage, lose that frown,
You'll feel the coolness spreading through,
Oh what a joy, this gift gives you!!

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    All of my products are made with premium, self-contained, non-drip, non-toxic,

    sweat-proof gel packs (as shown below) that are designed to provide reliable temperature stability
    without the formation of condensation on the outer surface of the gel pack. They are cold & dry.

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