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When additional meds are not an option you can rely on Cleavage Coolers to get, and keep, you cool!

 Created by Lynda Marie of Palm Springs™ - since 2003 



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    Cleavage Coolers® products are the best thing ever to use when being hot all the time is not an option. There are times when a discreetly placed cool gel pack wedged down the front of your bra, against your sternum, will save the day or save the shot. My gel neck wraps can even save a life by preventing heat stroke on the elderly and infirm. Diabetics and the obese rely on the gel neck wraps to be comfortable in summer heat.

    For example they are most effective during workouts, hot outdoor sports, hiking and biking, golfing, mowing, digging, riding, delivering, vacuuming -

    well, you name it. I've heard about lots of other uses like rubbing on a cat's belly and placing in a hot rabbit hutch.

    They are quite soothing to use after chemo and radiation treatments and as a Tamoxifen antidote to body heat.

    All of my products are made with self-contained, no-sweat, non-toxic, gel packs.

    They never sweat or drip and gently thaw in about an hour.

    They are reusable and hand washable under the faucet. Best when stored flat in the freezer. Do not puncture.

    To reiterate, they are NOT made with gooey crystals like some others.

    Custom orders welcome.

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