About Cleavage Coolers

About Cleavage Coolers
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  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

Meet "Boom Boom", the Cleavage Coolers spokesmodel.

Her caricature was created just recently by Don Oriolo.

She is writing a book called "the BOOM BOOM CHRONICLES",

looking at a holiday release. Stay tuned for further info......

Cleavage Coolers® products are the best thing ever to use when being hot all the time is not an option. There are times when a discreetly placed cool gel pack wedged down the front of your bra, against your sternum, will save the day or save the shot. My gel neck wraps can even save a life by preventing heat stroke on the elderly and infirm. Diabetics and the obese rely on the gel neck wraps to be comfortable in summer heat.


For example they are most effective during workouts, hot outdoor sports, hiking and biking, golfing, mowing, digging, riding, delivering, vacuuming -


well, you name it. I've heard about lots of other uses like rubbing on a cat's belly and placing in a hot rabbit hutch.


They are quite soothing to use after chemo and radiation treatments and as a Tamoxifen antidote to body heat.


All of my products are made with premium self-contained, no-sweat, non-toxic, gel packs.


They never sweat or drip and gently thaw in about an hour.


They are reusable and hand washable under the faucet. Best when stored flat in the freezer. Do not puncture.


To reiterate, they are NOT made with goey crystals like the knock offs.

Thank you for visiting this website. All of these products are hand-made by me. It gives much joy to know how well received they are. I love creating pretty and affordable niceties for women to cool down fast and provide cool soothing comfort no matter what makes them hot. 

The new gel CLEAVAGE COOLERS® are made with self-contained, sweat-proof gel packs, (NOT GOOEY CRYSTALS).  Cleavage Cooler gel packs freeze solid and gently thaw in about an hour in your cleavage. The gels are covered in beautiful and soft premium 100% cottons that fit snugly and discreetly in your cleavage, right over your sternum.

My original satin heart Cleavage Coolers are encased with a special herbal blend and flax seeds. They are designed to be tucked down the front of your bra for a nice little temporary cool down. They can also be nuked for a few seconds for a warm treatment. I've worked out the time on that and just 5 seconds is all they need. Any more time and the fabric or the filling will burn. The filling is a gentle fragrant blend of flax seeds, lavender and mint. 

The gel packs have many uses other than cooling cleavage. We found that when a cold gel pack is placed on your throat it will cool the blood flow to the brain and help with migraines. They can also be used to soothe surgical wounds and swelling. 

They are best used when frozen (flat) over night first and thereafter stored in the freezer. The lovely cold sensation calms anxiety and  INSTANTLY cools you down. They are great to also use when working out, hiking, biking, gardening, mowing, riding, teaching, speaking, dancing. Athletes, especially golfers on hot golf courses, and tennis players, find them extremely helpful to use while out in the heat.

When additional meds are not an option Cleavage Coolers come to the rescue for cancer patients having chemo and radiation treatments. I have been told they also work great when applied to the jaw to soothe mouth sores related to chemo. Also, they are effective when placed under arms or behind kness on those sensitive pressure points for quick recovery from heat stroke and such. 

For insomnia, lie on your side and slip a cold one between your boobs. You can also put one on your forehead and one on the back of your neck. I've been told bikers tuck them in their butt cleavage. Go figure.

Just remember to keep them in your freezer at all times to keep the gel packs from bloating.

Proudly hand-made by yours truly, since 2003.

Lynda Emon, Creator  



"Cleavage Coolers"  United States Trademark Reg. No. 3,947,251. Serial No.  85-099,158.
Filed June 1, 2002, April 19, 2011 and June 15, 2017.



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