BOGO Sale - Beauty Shop Motif - $13.95
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BOGO Sale - Buy one, get one, Cute Beauty Shop Motif - $13.95 all inclusive.

These would be fun to display in an ice bucket at the POP in your salon or spa as a giveaway promotional gift item for your customers. Actually, you could give a nice frozen one to a client on a hot day on the way in. That's what they do in Palm Springs in the summer when it's so hot. It's a nice touch.

Credit card and PayPal orders welcome. Select "print and call" on the order page and give me a call (Lynda) at 612-500-7848 to wrap it up.

*If you prefer PayPal invoicing, shoot me off an email and I will invoice you with PayPal.



  • Item #: BS19
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

BOGO Sale - Beauty Shop Motif - $13.95

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