Cool Comfort Kit - $50 + $7.50 sh

Cool Comfort Kit - $50 + $7.50 sh
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  • Item #: CCK19
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day. Hiking, biking, golfing, gardening, vacuuming,dancing,tennis....

Hot flashes & night sweats be gone! Also helps as a wonderful Tamoxifen side-effects antedote.

The Fabulous 4-Pc. **Cool Comfort Kit**

2 - Gel Cleavage Coolers

1 - Gel Neck Wrap

1 - Thermal Case


Made with only premium 100% cotton fabrics.

The gel packs are self-contained, are dry and never drip or sweat.

Do not puncture.

This product is the best thing ever for golfers, gardeners, tennis players, farmers, hikers and bikers, chemo patients and all around "hotties". The kit comes with 2 gel Cleavage Coolers, the Fabulous Gel Neck Wrap and a large thermal carrying case designed to keep everything frozen until needed while you are on the go - up to 4-5 hours.

Easy care! Simply store in the freezer. To clean hold under the faucet with a dab of soap.

Many solid colors and patterns available.



If you prefer solid colors, simply state your color choice on the order page.

All solids are made with premium 100% Kona cotton.

Phone orders welcome. 612-500-7848

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