Executive Set - $24.99 + Free shipping

Executive Set  - $24.99 + Free shipping
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  • Item #: WB18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

THE EXECUTIVE SET is 2 lovely Cleavage Cooler gels, one each black and white in premium 100% cotton fabrics, and a single size thermal case trimmed in red. $24.99.

This set is what every professional needs.  No guess work deciding on if you can see it under light or dark blouses. Great for up close and personal professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists, teachers and public speakers when a visable hot flash is not an option. The case fits easily into briefcases and purses.  

Freeze over night to have ready when you walk out the door. Put a Post It note on the bathroom mirror so you don't forget. :-)

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Price $24.99