Feelin' Groovy! 2 for $10 + $3.95 s&h
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"No Frills" Feelin' Groovy- Psychedelic Swirly Beams on Beachwear Spandex - 2 for $10 + $3.95 s&h

Tuck these into your beach bag and head out being secure you will be able to cool down quickly by placing a nice cold Cleavage Cooler in your cleavage, under your arm, behind your knee or on the back of your neck. Even try one on your wrist pulse point.

It's always good manners to have an extra one for a friend (or even a little pooch to rub on his belly. My cat loves it on a hot day).

Credit card and PayPal orders welcome. Call me (Lynda) to place your order. 612-500-7848.


  • Item #: FG19
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

Feelin' Groovy! 2 for $10 + $3.95 s&h

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