Football Motif $22.99 + Free shipping
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Fun Football Design Set - $22.99 + FREE SHIPPING

The ardent football fans down south will love these cute Cleavage Coolers as tailgating party favors. They will be a big help to use in the sweltering heat at the games this fall. Each set consists of one Cleavage Cooler gel pack and a color coordinated thermal carrying case. The case is made of a special thermal material designed for shipping foods and serums and will keep your frozen gel pack good and cold for hours until needed.

Also available in this motif is a double set of 2 Coolers with a double case, and also, the fabulous gender neutral gel neck wrap that is a life saver for anyone out in the beating heat.

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  • Item #: fb17
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

Football Motif $22.99 + Free shipping

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