NEW! 4-pc. Cool Comfort Kit - $56 + free shipping

NEW! 4-pc. Cool Comfort Kit - $56 + free shipping
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  • Item #: cck18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

4-Pc Designer Cool Comfort Kit - $56 + free shipping

This fabulous set contains a gel neck wrap, 2 gel Cleavage Coolers (with a thermal carrying case that keeps everything good and cold until needed.)

It is all around wonderful to tuck into your beach bag, picnic basket, golf bag, backpack or to have handy on your nightstand to soothe those miserable night sweats caused by hot flashes or Tamoxifen. People with MS get so much relief from these cool products. 

On a hot day it's so nice to wear an attractive frozen neck wrap while watching the game in the hot stands, at a parade or picnic and while mowing the lawn, plowing the field, rounding up the herd, fixing the car, golfing, tennis or planting your garden. 

Ladies especially love to wear the neck wrap AND a Cleavage Cooler over an important golf shot on a hot day. The back nine is when it's really needed. We always had the ice chest on the golf cart supplied with a baggie of the gel packs to share and switch out once they thawed. My foursomes never had to be distracted by the desert heat on the course. 

Of course they are great to use while golfing, gardening, boating, vacuuming, hiking, working out, BBQ-ing, cleaning or driving to the store.

Dogs love them, too!






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