NEW! NASCAR Comfort Kit - $50 + $7 s&h
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 4-Pc. Cool Comfort Kit - NASCAR motif.      $50 + $7 shipping

You can get the idea on how to keep yourself cool at the race whether you are on the pit crew, a vendor or a fan in the stands. This fabulous product has 2 gel Cleavage Coolers, a gel neck wrap and thermal carrying case that keeps everything frozen until needed.

Simply freeze the gel packs flat over night (out of the case) and pop them into the thermal case when you are ready to walk out the door. What's nice about this set is she has the Cleavage Coolers and he has the neck wrap - and everyone is happy.

There is the option to break up the set and order the neck wrap ($15 + $5 sh) and/or the Cleavage Coolers (25 + $4) separately.

Credit card and PayPal orders welcome. Select the "print and call" option on the order page and call 612-500-7848 to complete your order.

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  • Item #: NAS18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

NEW! NASCAR Comfort Kit - $50 + $7 s&h

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