Pink Single Set - $19.99 + Free shipping

Pink Single Set - $19.99 + Free shipping
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  • Item #: PR19
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

We Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

This is your source for beautiful and affordable niceties to have in the freezer when

additional meds are not an option. 

Cleavage Cooler products are an important personal accessory to use while enduring chemo

and radiation treatments, as well as an antidote to Tamoxifen heat related side effects.  

Pink ribbon motif Cleavage Cooler line extensions include a Double Set, a Gel Neck Wrap, "No Frills" gel packs (2), and a 4-pc. Cool Comfort Kit. These products will keep a lady cool and comfortable when she needs it the most.

My products are made with premium, self-contained, non-drip, non-sweat gel packs. The companion thermal cases are designed of a featherweight thermal material used for shipping foods and serums. They keep a gel pack frozen for hours until needed. 

Free shipping. Phone orders welcome. Call me (Lynda) at 612-500-7848. email to:

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Price $19.99