State Fair Sale! The FABULOUS Gel Neck Wrap  $10  + $3.99 s&h
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SALE - The Fabulous Gel Neck Wrap   $10 + $3.90 s&h. Easy care.  

Need original tee prizes for your golf tournaments this summer? 

This is the best thing ever to have around your head or neck out in the heat, whether you are WORKING OUT, playing golf, mowing the lawn, digging in the garden, planting the crops, vacuuming, or getting into a hot car to go to the store. This keeps you cool and comfortable for hours if you are always hot. Lots of women taking Tamoxifen use this to get and stay temperature stable throughout. 

The neck wraps are made with self-contained, NO DRIP gel packs and covered in premium 100% cotton fabrics.  It is best stored in the freezer to have ready to grab. The self-contained gel packs inside freeze solid like a popcicle (not gooey crystals). It is made in sections so it fits comfortably around the neck. They also come in handy for ankle or knee sprains, too. In this case, use two. 

Kim, shown above, is wearing the patriotic neck wrap on July 4. 

I have several different fabric options available as well as any solid color you prefer. If you see a fabric you would prefer anywhere on this website, ask me if you could get a neck wrap made of it. 

Phone orders welcome. Select "Print and Call" in the shopping cart and call 612-500-7848 and speak to me. 

 Inquiries please email: lynda@

  PS - Large dogs love them, too. 



  • Item #: CDC317
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

State Fair Sale! The FABULOUS Gel Neck Wrap $10 + $3.99 s&h

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