The Other Cleavage Cooler $14.99 + free shipping
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The "Other Cleavage Cooler"  $14.99 + free shipping.

This idea came to me while living in Palm Springs enjoying regular golf and simultaneously entering hot flash hell. Oh my!

This product is a 4" flat and square gel pack covered in fun premium fabrics with a strap, designed to be stored in the freezer like the other Cleavage Coolers.

What a pleasure to dab it on your chest, forehead and neck when you are dying from the heat. It doesn't matter what kind of heat you want to soothe on you or your pet. Chemo patients really, really appreciate this one!

Do you have high maintenance girlfriends? Then for a more glamorous movie star effect I attach marabou feathers to the strap. There is the option to purchase this with or without the glam. 

Kids who play sports find these a stylish way to ice an bruise quickly.

Phone orders only please. 612-500-7848. email:

Talk to me about the fabric choices you prefer: cotton, satin, feathers, plain, floral???

  • Item #: DB817
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

The Other Cleavage Cooler $14.99 + free shipping

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