Wholesale - $180 Dz. + $15 s&h
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Wholesale Cleavage Coolers 

Minimum order - one dozen  $180

Each dozen is a new and improved assortment of pretty florals and novelty prints in premium 100% cottons. Each gel pack comes with a companion thermal carrying case trimmed in coordinating colors. They display beautifully in a basket at POP with accompanying free signage. 

Credit card orders welcome. Select the "print and call" option on the order page and call me (Lynda) to complete your order. Please provide your state issued resale number.

Shipping price doesn't change on up to 2 dozen since up to 2 dz. fit in one USPS Priority Mail box.

Phone: 612-500-7848. Email: lynda@CLEAVAGECOOLERS.com

  • Item #: WHSL18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs

Wholesale - $180 Dz. + $15 s&h

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