Wholesale Boutique Collection - $165 Dz. + $15 s&h

Wholesale Boutique Collection -  $165 Dz. + $15 s&h
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  • Item #: WHSL18
  • Manufacturer: Lynda Marie of Palm Springs


A batch of these pretty Cleavage Coolers display (vertically) very well in a nice basket at your POP with the accompaning free signage. They are a great conversation starter for sure.

One extra gel pack FREE for your freezer!

(Some boutique owners in Palm Springs keep a few single gel packs in their freezer for their hot customers)

WHOLESALE - Minimum order is 1 - dz. - $165 + 15 s&p 

Each wholesale order comes in a deluxe assortment of current summery novelty prints, as shown here, which has something for every hot gal. 


Each Cleavage Cooler gel pack comes with a companion, and color coordinated, thermal carrying case featuring a hook and loop closure. (The case will keep a gel pack frozen for several hours until needed.)

Free signage with opening orders. 7 - 10 day turnaround.

Phone orders welcome. 612-500-7848

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Price $180.00