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A Hot Flash Knows No Season....

In hot weather, everyone wants to cool off.  Lynda Marie became very tired of being hot so one day about a decade ago while living in Palm Springs, she invented “Cleavage Coolers®.”  Her amazing product ideas have since been featured on Dr. Phil and other television shows.  As soon as Cleavage Coolers® became available, sales caught on fire, sizzling online and in stores. Simultaneously she filed patent and trademark applications. Willful infringers of Cleavage Coolers are all over the search engines. Someone named Sheri L. Justice-Black even filed a patent application on Lynda's invention 2 years after hers was filed.  Unfortunately for them their application wasn't granted. 

Cleavage Coolers® have become known as “almost as good a friend as a diamond,” she says. “Ladies pop them in the freezer over night and then tuck them down their bras. The instant relief lasts for hours when shopping, working out, hiking & biking, working indoors or outdoors, participating in sports, camping, gardening, mowing the lawn or poolside sun-tanning.  They soothe surgical sites and radiation burns," she adds. 

The country club set can’t get enough of them for golf and tennis because they are as conversational as they are fun to own and use. The price point works for party favors and she works with the Ladies Clubs event committees customizing them for tournament tee prizes.

There is a style for everyone from brides to golfers.  Cleavage Coolers® Rac Pac gel technology evolved from the original aromatherapeutic hearts. Now they come in a choice of fun animal and novelty prints, deluxe satins & brocades in the  bridal collections.  They come packaged in a hand-made, discreet, thermal case that can do double duty for diabetics needing to keep insulin cool but wanting to look cool doing that.  She also packaged special sets for female military soldiers stationed overseas because they offer great heat relief under all the hot clothing. Once I made a large one for a professional clown who auditioned in hot clown suits.

Lynda Marie is an innovative lady who has led a colorful and entertaining life.   She has personally made more than 60,000 Cleavage Coolers® on her own sewing machine.  She laughs a lot, is fun to talk with, and loves to discuss her cooling off products with almost anyone who will listen.  “My dream is to one day have a manufacturer license and make them so I don’t have to sit at my sewing machine all day,” says Lynda Marie.  “But make no mistake, I am thankful for the business that ladies have honored me with throughout the years,” she adds.  “I am insistent on the highest quality possible and that’s why I have been the sole person making them all these years.  And yes, I use them all the time!”   

And for those who want to turn off air conditioning for a while, well – simply nothing is better or less expensive than a frozen Cleavage Cooler® or Chilly Dog™ gel neck wrap.  Come to think about it, they are a great energy saver, too! 

Cleavage Coolers® and Chilly Dog™ gel neck wraps are registered trademarks.